Intercrural Love E.P. (recorded 12 June 2016 — 2 July 2016)

A remix E.P. of the song "Intercrural Love," from our last album, A Season With The Brain Police.

Also includes a remix of "An Unforgivable Sacrifice" (from A Dream of a Lost City) and the Rural Citizens Band classic "Cell."


  Intercrural Love E.P.
Intercrural Love E.P.

Intercrural Love [extended version] (5:12)
Intercrural Love [friction burns mix] (5:34)
Intercrural Love [erogenous zone mix] (7:53)
Intercrural Love [tight as a drum mix] (3:55)
An Unforgivable Sacrifice [island mix] (5:07)
Cell [xr1300 remix] (5:15)
Intercrural Love [silk and velvet mix] (19:48)

total time: 52:47



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Released: 19 November 2016
Catalog number:OSC045XR015LP52:47



erogenous zone mix — contains samples of Sexual Intercourse - Female Moans by From_Freesound_Org, I_love_you_too by AmyG, and Bottom of Main Fine Arts Stairwell by IESP.

cell xr1300 remix — contains samples of "Street Lamp Buzz" and "Female Street Preacher Through Megaphone" both downloaded from usenet. Also contains a manipulated section from "Elvis 1974 stage banter."


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR14		-0.18 dB 	-14.49 dB 	01 intercrural love extended version.aif
 DR18		-0.08 dB 	-20.33 dB 	02 intercrural love friction burns mix.aif
 DR15		-0.33 dB 	-16.94 dB 	03 intercrural love erogenous zone mix.aif
 DR16		-0.94 dB 	-17.80 dB 	04 intercrural love tight as a drum mix.aif
 DR14		-0.26 dB 	-16.03 dB 	05 an unforgivable sacrifice.aif
 DR15		-0.43 dB 	-17.72 dB 	06 cell remix.aif
 DR13		-0.62 dB 	-15.21 dB 	07 intercrural love silk and velvet mix.aif

 Number of files:	7
 Official DR value:	DR15



Creative Commons License
Intercrural Love E.P. by XR1300 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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