the sheltering sand remixed (4 December - 30 December 2016)

This time it's a full-length remix album! In which I remixed the Abandoned Shorelines LP The Sheltering Sand. Funny, that album was the longest AS release, but now it's one of my shortest ever releases. Amazing what pumping up the BPM will do...


  the sheltering sand remixed
the sheltering sand remixed

intro (2:30)
bioluminescence (3:50)
interlude 1 (3:12)
under the Yukon River (4:47)
green flash (4:35)
the gulf of Mexico (2:24)
interlude 2 (2:59)
river distress (2:35)
crimson undertow (5:36)
burnt out oil rigs (2:24)
interlude 3 (3:18)
drowning without tears (4:33)
outro (3:24)

total time: 45:57



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Released: 13 June 2017
Catalog number:OSC052XR018LP45:57



Interlude 1, 2 & 3 — contains samples of Tape Hiss by greenvwbeetle

Under the Yukon River — contains samples of indoor_ apartments_hall_noise by reznik_Krkovicka

Green Flash — contains samples of underwater by monica137142 and UnderwaterDrowning01 by Abolla

Gulf of Mexico — contains samples of Rain in Mexico City and Windmill mechanism recorded by a contact-microphone, New Mexico, USA both by felix.blume

River Distress — contains samples of TokyoElectionMessage2001 by strawberryviagra and female running scared, calm:this night I should have been better home both by 11linda

Crimson Undertow — contains samples of victim girl by killbaybee, real soft crying by Reitanna and Shark01 by acclivity

Burnt Out Oil Rigs — contains samples of Muffled Pipe Draining by animationIsaac, Tunnel ambience 150Hz wide (like road tunnel)_more_tunnely by Timbre, and Industrial Air Horn by mcpable.

Drowning without tears — contains samples of UnderwaterDrowning01 by Abolla


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR16		-0.13 dB 	-17.58 dB 	01 intro.aiff
 DR12		-0.16 dB 	-14.90 dB 	02 bioluminescence.aiff
 DR10		-0.08 dB 	-11.86 dB 	03 interlude 1.aiff
 DR14		-0.06 dB 	-15.75 dB 	04 under the Yukon River.aiff
 DR18		-0.05 dB 	-19.43 dB 	05 green flash.aiff
 DR12		-0.10 dB 	-15.36 dB 	06 the gulf of mexico.aiff
 DR15		-0.11 dB 	-17.10 dB 	07 interlude 2.aiff
 DR11		-0.13 dB 	-13.63 dB 	08 river distress.aiff
 DR15		-0.36 dB 	-17.63 dB 	09 crimson undertow.aiff
 DR14		-0.27 dB 	-15.37 dB 	10 burnt out oil rigs.aiff
 DR13		-0.30 dB 	-15.62 dB 	11 interlude 3.aiff
 DR12		-0.01 dB 	-12.39 dB 	12 drowning without tears.aiff
 DR16		-0.78 dB 	-17.64 dB 	13 outro.aiff


 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR14



Creative Commons License
the sheltering sand remixed by XR1300 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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