Disquisitions Upon Fucking (recorded 13 December 2015 — 31 December 2015)

This is a first for me. I present three new remixes of an album track from the last album (and a somewhat tongue-in-cheek "clean" radio version, that still has some differences from the previous album version). Also included is a mellow remix of The Thighs of Venus, an extended version of A Girl With Antlers, an outtake from the last album called Raining Drums, and an instrumental and extended version of The Glossary.

The Glossary is meant in good humor. The family of Henry Irving should realize this before complaining. It's funny when people use pet names, or euphemisms for sex and genitalia. With that in mind, this track contains what I imagine would be in a glossary concerning "disquisitions upon fucking." I love to imagine an 1882 classroom with a stone faced professor talking seriously about the "thunder broom" and "blade milker" and a classroom of teenage boys trying not to laugh.

A Girl With Antlers was one of my favorites from the last album. I thought it would be sound good in an extended version and I was right. The name of the track is based on a hypnogogic vision I had a few weeks ago. Wherein I was a photographer and I was in a dark studio, photographing a woman with long black hair and large breasts. Only she also had antlers growing out of her head and deer spots all over her shoulders. And yes, I'm well aware that only male deer have antlers. This fact only makes a girl with antlers more magical and otherworldly, yes? Androgyny is sexy in a woman anyway.

The Thighs of Venus is named in honor or Katy Perry. This remix is my favorite. Somehow the choice of instruments compliments each other better than before. This is the definitive version of said song.


  Disquisitions Upon Fucking
Disquisitions Upon Fucking

Disquisitions Upon Fucking clean radio edit (4:56)
Disquisitions drum mix (4:36) [explicit]
Disquisitions ambient version (11:04) [explicit]
Disquisitions club mix/The Glossary (10:34) [explicit]
A Girl With Antlers extended version (12:56)
The Thighs of Venus mellow mix (6:40) [explicit]
Raining Drums (18:58)
The Glossary Extended Instrumental (9:53)
total time:79:37



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Released: 13 February 2016
Catalog number: OSC036XR011LP79:37


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR13		-0.08 dB 	-14.17 dB 	01 disquisitions upon fucking clean edit.aiff
 DR15		-0.08 dB 	-15.79 dB 	02 disquisitions upon fucking drum mix.aiff
 DR13		-0.00 dB 	-16.04 dB 	03 disquisitions upon fucking ambient.aiff
 DR13		-0.37 dB 	-16.51 dB 	04 disquisitions upon fucking club:the glossary.aiff
 DR17		-0.37 dB 	-18.30 dB 	05 a girl with antlers extended.aiff
 DR16		-0.42 dB 	-17.62 dB 	06 the thighs of venus mellow remix.aiff
 DR12		-0.54 dB 	-14.49 dB 	07 raining drums.aif
 DR14		-0.30 dB 	-16.70 dB 	08 the glossary extended instrumental.aiff

 Number of files:	8
 Official DR value:	DR14



Creative Commons License
Disquisitions Upon Fucking by XR1300 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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