A Place Without Tears (recorded 22 Nov 2015 — 17 Dec 2015 & 3 Jan 2016)

A Place Without Tears is the first album of all new material since March 2015's La Giardino di Gigli Rosa. It came together rather quickly, and while I was attempting to make a now abandoned Rural Citizens Band drone track.

After making about 7 or so remix albums in a row, this is an album of all new material. No remakes or remixes of old stuff. And I am pretty proud of how it all came together.

Tracks 10 and 11 were recorded live in at the Dance Hall in Luckenbach, TX on Sunday 13th December 2015. Thank you to everybody who attended and helped out.

Love Is Not The Answer was the original title of our second album, Surrender Is Not The Answer. But I didn't want two straight albums with "love" in the title, so I changed it.

Look for the Disquisitions Upon Fucking remix album coming soon! (Yeah, I'm back on that horse again).


  A Place Without Tears
A Place Without Tears

party at the signal tower (7:30)
making love on Planet Futa (7:27) [explicit]
disquisitions upon fucking (4:48) [explicit]
cold street beat down (3:02)
love is not the answer (3:45)
a week of oblivion (3:25)
electro slide across the galaxy (5:10)
tales of the richter scale (3:50)
The Templar Knights got a raw deal (4:22)
jazz jam {live in Luckenbach} (7:03)
an ocean of light {live in Luckenbach} (8:17)
a girl with antlers (3:54)
the necropolis of forgotten dreams (16:19)
total time: 78:57



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Released: 13 January 2016
Catalog number: OSC035XR010LP78:57


love is not the answer — contains samples of Closed Hi-Hat by mooncubedesign and I Love You Too by AmyG.

jazz jam — contains samples of cheering church 1 by pan14, Applause_encore by Zihris and drunk girl by corsica_s.

an ocean of light — contains samples of Applause_encore by Zihris and drunk girl by corsica_s.


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename
 DR13		-1.07 dB 	-16.63 dB 	01 party at the signal tower.aif
 DR12		-0.90 dB 	-13.83 dB 	02 making love on planet futa.aif
 DR12		-0.34 dB 	-13.68 dB 	03 disquisitions upon fucking.aif
 DR13		-1.33 dB 	-15.37 dB 	04 cold street beat down.aif
 DR12		-1.25 dB 	-14.18 dB 	05 love is not the answer.aif
 DR12		-2.18 dB 	-15.87 dB 	06 a week of oblivion.aif
 DR12		-1.53 dB 	-15.39 dB 	07 electro slide across the galaxy.aif
 DR12		-1.11 dB 	-13.56 dB 	08 tales of the richter scale.aif
 DR14		-1.26 dB 	-16.80 dB 	09 the templar knights got a raw deal.aif
 DR14		-0.80 dB 	-16.26 dB 	10 jazz jam.aif
 DR12		-0.22 dB 	-13.63 dB 	11 an ocean of light.aif 
 DR16		-1.22 dB 	-19.25 dB 	12 a girl with antlers.aif
 DR15		-1.63 dB 	-18.57 dB 	13 the necropolis of forgotten dreams.aif
 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR13


Creative Commons License
A Place Without Tears by XR1300 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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