Some Old Drones (remixed October 2015)

Some Old Drones is a follow up to the second Xambient album. It takes the four tracks that make up Seasondrones, adds an extended version of Guardian and features dance remixes of entspannungsübungen and Deeper Into Space (which, ironically, was a drone version of an early XR1300 track called A Rainy Day in Space. Yes, I do cannibalize my work often).

This will be the final remix project of old work for a while. I plan on making a brand new XR1300 album very soon, and maybe some new Rural Citizens Band music as well.


  Some Old Drones
Some Old Drones

winterdance (6:38)
springdance (6:38)
EntspannungTanz (20:25)
guardian extended (14:35)
spacedance (17:46)
summerdance (6:38) [explicit]
autumndance (6:38)
total time: 79:17



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Released: 13 December 2015
Catalog number: OSC034XR009LP79:17


Winterdance — contains samples of Fox screaming in winter forest in the night by Michieldb, walkinginsnow by Spandau, suburban night 2am 121228_00 by klankbeeld, and Over you CLEAN by scotteguff.

Springdance — contains samples of factorytalk1 by Charliefarley, eyes_whisp by Corsica_S, suburban night 2am 121228_00 by klankbeeld, 20130426_hueznar by dobroide, wind in trees by inchadney, rain (light) by fresco, JamesportWindChimes by acclivity, and French Rap by janis71.

entspannungtanz — contains a sample of Rain on roof window distant traffic by palegolas

guardian extended contains a sample of Suburbs Ambient Spring Day downloaded from usenet.

spacedance— contains a sample of women singing by Leady

Summerdance — contains samples of AC Unit by zolopher, Residential street distant traffic wet road by mzui, air conditioner by BeatsByCasper, summer night by eric5335, rain_on_a_roof by joedeshon, thunder clap by Shades, lawn mower by bsumusictech, I take a stab at myself by graveflowers and all nite long by munki

Autumndance — contains samples of St. Peterburg's Taxi and California Radio Skip (downloaded from usenet, origin unknown), untouched by Corsica_S, girlprettyvoicehumming by nayruslove, walk_autumn_leaves by Zabuhailo and Within your soul by Holly.


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename
 DR12		-1.09 dB 	-15.72 dB 	01 winterdance.aif
 DR14		-0.66 dB 	-15.69 dB 	02 springdance.aif
 DR14		-1.04 dB 	-15.58 dB 	03 EntspannungTanz.aif
 DR13		-0.00 dB 	-14.00 dB 	04 guardian extended.aiff
 DR15		-0.79 dB 	-19.05 dB 	05 spacedance.aif
 DR13		-0.04 dB 	-15.25 dB 	06 summerdance.aif
 DR13		-1.79 dB 	-16.07 dB 	07 autumndance.aif

 Number of files:	7
 Official DR value:	DR14



Creative Commons License
Some Old Drones by XR1300 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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