La Giardino di Gigli Rosa (recorded, mixed, etc January 2015)

Like Surrender Is Not The Answer, this album came together really quickly. I was remixing and remastering the first two albums, and decided I wanted to try my hand at another XR1300 album. Remembering my lesson about mixing and mastering from the last album (which was originally mixed too loud on purpose for some odd reason), I think this one has the perfect mix of loudness and dynamics. That said, the middle part of "Chasing A Fawn" is intentionally ugly sounding.

The title is Italian for "The Garden of Pink Lilies." Or that's what Google Translate told me anyway. The title is somewhat influenced by erotic scenes in the anime Yuri Kuma Arashi.

I used fuzz bass on most of these songs. I'm thinking my next project (or maybe next XR1300 release) will be a space rock album.


  La Giardino di Gigli Rosa
La Giardino di Gigli Rosa

take off! (5:49)
pink flowers bloom at midnight (3:36)
the surreal side of French (2:54)
undead in a daydream (1:55)
back on the streets again (2:57)
the thighs of venus (6:40) [explicit]
the garden of pink lilies (6:20)
life in a rainstorm (8:01)
love for an old enemy (7:31)
a minor setback (2:00)
chasing a fawn (8:35)
Luna can't help us (6:00)
space is for drifting (17:26)
total time: 79:37

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Released: 1 March 2015
Catalog number: OSC025XR004LP79:37


pink flowers bloom at midnight — contains samples of hip hop 3 mpc500 by Insidebeat and Solfeggio-Combination 174, 741 and 417 Hz by the_very_Real_Horst.

the surreal side of French — contains a sample of PopOffAmenBreak by DjCHAOS.

undead in a daydream — contains a sample of dnb_143 from a free pack of samples I downloaded from usenet.

back on the streets again — contains samples of Tawny Owls 2 by Benboncan, Ghostly Whispering by qubodup, monster drones by DJ Chronos and LatinHopHopMellow_136bpm from the same sample pack I got from usenet.

the thighs of venus — contains a sample of pss-130_rhythm_pops by themanitou

the garden of pink lilies — contains samples of Drums for Electro Pop by RutgerMuller, Bee & Flowers by nigelcoop, R09_0032-Garden Chimes -2 by monterey2000, and the French text of Charles Baudelaire's poem Lesbos.

life in a rainstorm — contains samples of west ham bubbles by zedkah, moan by AmyG, Heavy rain on conservatory roof by earthsounds, RainHittingYurtRoof1 by daveincamas, Sexual Intercourse - Female Moans by From_Freesound_Org, factorytalk1 by Charliefarley, electro 808 looptool 120 by keinzweiter, Jungle Rainfall by nonzeroenfilade and 4propri8_boatos_gossipby vnss.

love for an old enemy — contains samples of 130 zen synth by Thirsk and Softly Playing with Hair by albinwhisperland.

a minor setback — contains samples of fire alarm by payattention and Looped airport noise 1 by hello_flowers.

chasing a fawn — contains a sample of drum_loop by kaiodeleis.

Luna can't help us — contains samples of Solfeggio-Combination 174, 741 and 417 Hz by the_very_Real_Horst, and And in the name of the moon, I shall punish you! by albinwonderland.

space is for drifting contains samples of discordant voices ew54b by ERH, Jupiter by theantralhead and haunting space3 by Sonic Sculptor.


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR12		-2.08 dB 	-17.54 dB 	01 take off!.aif
 DR15		over		-15.89 dB 	02 pink flowers bloom at midnight.aif
 DR12		-0.05 dB 	-14.65 dB 	03 the surreal side of French.aif
 DR10		-1.67 dB 	-13.06 dB 	04 undead in a daydream.aif
 DR10		-1.83 dB 	-13.25 dB 	05 back on the streets again.aif
 DR11		-1.36 dB 	-12.86 dB 	06 the thighs of venus.aif
 DR13		-0.00 dB 	-17.05 dB 	07 the garden of pink lilies.aif
 DR12		over     	-12.70 dB 	08 life in a rainstorm.aif
 DR10		over		-10.77 dB 	09 love for an old enemy.aif
 DR10		-4.17 dB 	-16.69 dB 	10 a minor setback.aif
 DR9		-0.03 dB 	-10.82 dB 	11 chasing a fawn.aif
 DR12		-0.00 dB 	-13.16 dB 	12 Luna can't help us.aif
 DR12		-2.97 dB 	-16.39 dB 	13 space is for drifting.aif

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR11


Creative Commons License
La Giardino di Gigli Rosa by XR1300 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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