a season with the brain police (recorded 29 May 2016 — 16 June 2016)

Our fourteenth album overall, and sixth album of new material.

This is a short one. A very short one. It's the shortest XR1300 album yet (even shorter than the Remixed And Remade EP) and the shortest overall release I've done since 2007's self-titled Rural Citizens Band album. Woah... This is intentional, but I plan to turn some of these songs into extended ambient versions under the Abandoned Shorelines moniker.

After creating a double disc, 142 minute monster, I wanted to scale things back. Way back. I might never do this again, so if this appeals to you, be sure to pay attention to this album. It's also the first album I've done under the XR1300 moniker without "explicit" content. I didn't censor myself any, but some suggestive material remains. The next album will more than make up for it.


  a season with the brain police
a season with the brain police

sleet cancels the World Cup (1:47)
intercrural love (3:54)
respect the rogue helicopter pilot (4:14)
a dance with an angel (4:12)
listen to your heartbeat (3:44)
fluid rapture (3:47)
ES gets her just deserts (3:07)
Logan Couture is a whiney little bitch (3:22)
brainiac vs the radio pirate (2:58)
strong shouldered girls (6:04)
callipygian obsession (3:45)
an amusing anecdote about arugula (1:40)
uranus and jupiter forever together in love (2:58)

total time: 45:27



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Released: 13 September 2016
Catalog number:OSC043XR014LP45:27



sleet cancels the world cup — contains samples of 4-1-09 Manoa ambient test by mmcdona1 and sleet by AmyG.

respect the rogue helicopter pilot — contains samples of David Thompson vs the rogue helicopter pilot.

a dance with an angel — contains a sample of Female hero rpg request by 11linda.

fluid rapture — contains samples of tnscities by cosica_s, party people by AmyG, 185 Drum n Bass by MuSiCjUnK, Drop_da_Beat_83BPM by M-RED, Drum n Bass Loop 1 by PotatoHamburger, Drum 'n Bass Loop 160BPM by pstitz.

ES gets her just deserts — contains samples of airport_security by CJBarker.

Logan Couture is a whiney little bitch — contains samples of 1, 2, 3, 4 all by AmyG.

brainiac vs the radio pirate — contains samples of sound-20Hz-loop by zippi1 and Spanish_Speaking_Radio_Amateurs by AlienXXX.


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR14		-0.20 dB 	-16.46 dB 	01 sleet cancels the world cup.aif
 DR14		-0.13 dB 	-15.23 dB 	02 intercrural love.aif
 DR14		-0.24 dB 	-16.62 dB 	03 respect the rogue helicopter pilot.aif
 DR12		-0.19 dB 	-17.05 dB 	04 a dance with an angel.aif
 DR14		-0.13 dB 	-16.77 dB 	05 listen to your heart beat.aif
 DR13		-0.28 dB 	-16.06 dB 	06 fluid rapture.aif
 DR14		-0.96 dB 	-16.74 dB 	07 ES Gets Her Just Deserts.aif
 DR11		-0.24 dB 	-13.15 dB 	08 Logan Couture is a whiney little bitch.aif
 DR15		-0.07 dB 	-17.41 dB 	09 brainiac vs the radio pirate.aif
 DR14		-0.13 dB 	-16.76 dB 	10 strong shouldered girls.aif
 DR16		-0.08 dB 	-17.53 dB 	11 callipygian obsession.aif
 DR14		-0.13 dB 	-19.33 dB 	12 an amusing anecdote about arugula.aif
 DR13		-0.43 dB 	-17.91 dB 	13 uranus and neptune forever together in love.aif

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR14



Creative Commons License
a season with the brain police by XR1300 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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