Xambient — The RCB Remixes (remixed August 2015)

Xambient -- The RCB Remixes is a remix album. Duh. I took 13 RCB songs and remixed them in a more dancey feel. I think the results are amazing and I plan to have a sequel album next month (or so).

The track listing is alphabetical, because I can.


  Xambient -- The RCB Remixes
Xambient -- The RCB Remixes

a touch of warm velvet (5:27) [explicit]
ballando (3:59) [explicit]
bendito (4:21)
calcestruzzo (4:50) [explicit]
cell (5:15)
fessa (5:18)
fist (4:45)
girl cock forever! (6:56) [explicit]
old jerusalem road montana (6:09)
Quebecois (4:47)
smear (2:57) [explicit]
turbina (4:11) [explicit]
youth is beauty (6:52)
total time: 65:47

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Released: 13 September 2015
Catalog number: OSC031XR006LP65:47


a touch of warm velvet — contains samples of passed by rv lo e by ERH, Glitch Beat 100 by patchen and drum 1 - 100bpm by jim68000.

ballando — contains samples of Lucyfiles by MatteusNova

bendito (2014 version) — contains a sample of runaway train downloaded from usenet

cell — contains samples of "Street Lamp Buzz" and "Female Street Preacher Through Megaphone" both downloaded from usenet. Also contains a manipulated section from "Elvis 1974 stage banter."

fist — contains samples of "2004rest" by Ben Owen, "From the doorway of an abandoned house" by Ryan Philippi, "Spanish Funeral" by Simon James and "desde la ventana" by Alejo Duque + Federico Lopez.

quebecois — contains a sample of "2004old-m" by Ben Owen

turbina (remix and remaster) — contains samples of Casey Kasem's famous meltdown and Barry White cutting a promo, Tony.

youth is beauty — contains samples of loop41 by Zajo and samples of Chase from SoftlyRelax


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR13		-0.66 dB 	-15.09 dB 	a touch of warm velvet remix.aif
 DR16		-0.46 dB 	-17.43 dB 	ballando remix.aif
 DR14		-2.10 dB 	-17.74 dB 	bendito remix.aif
 DR15		over		-16.39 dB 	calcestruzzo.aif
 DR15		-2.18 dB 	-18.10 dB 	cell remix.aif
 DR16		-0.57 dB 	-18.82 dB 	fessa remix.aif
 DR15		-3.00 dB 	-19.75 dB 	fist remix.aif
 DR13		-1.12 dB 	-15.98 dB 	girl cock forever!.aif
 DR15		over		-17.71 dB 	old jerusalem road montana remix.aif
 DR14		over		-14.80 dB 	Quebecois remix.aif
 DR17		-0.59 dB 	-18.20 dB 	smear remix.aif
 DR14		-3.32 dB 	-18.29 dB 	turbina remix.aif
 DR14		-4.39 dB 	-20.81 dB 	youth is beauty remix.aif

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR14



Creative Commons License
La Giardino di Gigli Rosa by XR1300 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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